1.13 Server Issues

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Greetings WindmillGamers,

As usual, if there is any sort of issue and/or epidemic on the server, there will be an announcement like this for clarity concerning the situation(s).

In light of recent issues on the server, I wanted to take the time to explain all of this.

For those who don't already know, the entire 1.13 server update was completely handled by Hellcode and myself, with some brief admin and staff help here and there, we even setup 8-player beta-testing, which only ended up being 1 really.

This update has been a lot of work for two people and only two minds. The update could've possibly been more structured, had less issues, and/or could've been released sooner if we'd had staff assistance. Over time we'd done everything we can to build a substantial and active staff team, but to the worst of our luck, the majority of our staff team has disappeared yet again, and so all the work, complaints, and issues fall on our shoulders. This is incredibly stressful as Hellcode...

Introducing... WindmillGaming VI!

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Hello WindmillGamers!

We would like to express our gratitude for everyone's patience for the 1.13 update. Over the course of this year (November 11th will be a year since the last reset), a lot has happened on the server, in and outside of Minecraft. A lot of players and staff have come and gone, and at this point, most of the work done on 1.13 has been Hellcode, Wolfsmite, Deeelone, a few beta testers ( BlueSteelAU BlueSteelAU , @Dragneria, etc.), and special players along the way to contribute to this project, which is believed to be our biggest yet.

The 1.13 update has been a long time in the making, with unexpected delays and pushbacks just in favor of getting this update ready for release, which we are now finally ready to do! So, after a very lengthy wait, we would like to present…

Welcome WindmillGaming Towny VI!...

Plans for Chapter VI Update Aquatic

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Hello WindmillGamers!

Today I will be discussing our plan for Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic. I know a lot of you have been wondering what's going to happen. So without a further ado, lets get started.

First let me apologize for Chapter V, I thought with the addition of Heroes (our leveling system) that it would improve slimefun, I was wrong. Not only did the leveling become seriously a hassle to level up, but also there are alot of bugs with the plugin like no UUID support, resulting in level resets if you changed your name.

So we are gonna resolve that issue by removing it. I am going to be reverting the leveling system back to the default experience system that everyone all knows and trusts. So you're probably wondering "How are we gonna rank up?" so heres how: Money, you will be able to rank up by getitng specific money based on new custom advancements. Now you are probably wondering about the world generator, you're probably wanting to ask "How long is it gonna take this...

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