Welcome to WindmillGaming Chapter VIII 1.15.2!

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Greetings WindmillGamers!

Its been a while hasn't it? I have officially came back from my Hiatus, due to life calming down and thanks to Bangymang for donating 3 months of server upkeep! Before I continue I should tell you all that due to certain changes to the ranking system which includes the removal of Co-Owner, I am sad to inform you all that Wolfsmite Wolfsmite has stepped away from the server and will not be back until he chooses to return. This decision was not made lightly by me but it had to be done in order to change things that needed changing.

Now lets get to the update shall we? Due to many players voting we have reset the ranks and world, with of course a new spawn, which you can see a picture of below. EpicWorldGenerator is back and better than before! Beautiful terrain with amazing pregen structures with only one slight caveat... Due to bugs with the generator a lot of areas do not...

Introducing... WindmillGaming VII 1.14.4!

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Greetings WindmillGamers!

We are proud to announce the release of WindmillGaming Towny VII 1.14 Edition! This has been probably one of our quickest updates yet, which was thanks to MC 1.13 and 1.14 being so compatible with each other!

With this update, we have 2 worlds setup at the moment, from last version and this version! The 1.14 world is the same seed as it was in 1.13, so the world is identical despite the changes in 1.14. We have decided to keep the 1.13 world open for a while so players can transfer their stuff and go back & forth as needed. You’ll no longer be able to build in the 1.13 world, but you can break blocks/chests/items as needed, should they still work. This does NOT enable griefing despite protection being gone; that rule is still very much expected to be followed as always. The 1.13 world will also no longer generate. And to those who have asked and/or...

1.13 Server Issues

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Greetings WindmillGamers,

As usual, if there is any sort of issue and/or epidemic on the server, there will be an announcement like this for clarity concerning the situation(s).

In light of recent issues on the server, I wanted to take the time to explain all of this.

For those who don't already know, the entire 1.13 server update was completely handled by Hellcode and myself, with some brief admin and staff help here and there, we even setup 8-player beta-testing, which only ended up being 1 really.

This update has been a lot of work for two people and only two minds. The update could've possibly been more structured, had less issues, and/or could've been released sooner if we'd had staff assistance. Over time we'd done everything we can to build a substantial and active staff team, but to the worst of our luck, the majority of our staff team has disappeared yet again, and so all the work, complaints, and issues fall on our shoulders. This is incredibly stressful as Hellcode...

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