Hello WindmillGamers!

Welcome to the new and improved WindmillGaming V! This is the 5th generation of the server. We apologize for the massive delay in this release, however, this was due to unforeseen circumstances, some which were out of our control. With that said, we did announce that we planned to introduce a new RPG world, unfortunately though we have had to abandon this project, so we will be staying with our regular Towny-SlimeFun server.

This is more than just a map reset, this is a new server! Here are some of the new features of WindmillGaming V…

New command: /stats

• Different way to research in SlimeFun. This new feature is instead of using mob XP drops to research, so you now have to level up the new Citizen class by doing many Minecraft-related tasks, like killing, harvesting, etc.

• New Citizen class with over 10 skills to obtain.

• Better and less laggy Epic World Generator. Version 8 even comes with new and improved biomes, like Volcano, Farmland, and Snowy Pine.

• Dropped Items now show their name above the item drop.

• Better RTP system.

• Permission skills: Some permissions like /fly, /hdb, and /rtp, are now locked behind a permission skill. You can obtain these by reaching a certain level.

• New unofficial Slimefun machine (custom coded by me): Brewery, where you can make alcoholic drinks.

• New unofficial Slimefun Recipes (custom coded by me): New tools and more will be added over the coming weeks.

• New /mounts command: Once you buy a mount, run this command to summon it.

(Other misc. features I forgot about…)

We also hope that at this time we can work together as a...
Coming soon...

The next chapter of WindmillGaming...

Today I have a somewhat medium-big kind of announcement. I would love in the short future to completely nuke the entire Server and Dedicated Server, I feel its time to revamp the server in a big way and this would help. Do note that what im asking is a purge, total and complete annihilation, everything will be gone except for these things: custom recipes, /recipes gui, website, possibly permissions (unless I feel like redoing those), possibly ontime if I can't find a suitable replacement.

I know we just recently just reset so im hoping in between june-september. I am also hoping on switching up Slimefun Researching (if my dev pal can get it done it time) as well as adding in Classes like I promised (please @Rettinger) and adding alot of Quests. Another reason I want to do this is because I want to rework some things like the economy, I know I could always do it without doing this but I feel like we rushed this last reset and the dedi needs a good cleaning too.

Please fill out the form below to vote on which month we should do this.

Today I am pleased to announce that the World Reset has been completed, you will see many new things as well as a couple of old things. I hope this reset will be the last for a good while, but as you may though minecraft is very unpredictible, so fingers crossed ;)

So whats new? you may ask, and I shall tell you:

  1. New old spawn
  2. Blackvale, a underground town full of lava and glowstone
  3. New chat system (nothing changed in the ways of look, but its 100x better than DeluxeChat)
  4. Backpacks are back!
  5. Punch wheat and autoplant is back!
  6. Dolly recipes are back!
  7. Added hover item names when dropping items with names
  8. forgot the rest lol
Now on to some pictures!
I recently have been thinking about the past, about everthing that happened, and I realized after watching The Shack that I judged and hurt people who were close to me. I never thought about other peoples feelings, about how I hurt them and betrayed them. I am posting this to say that I have changed. I will no longer judge, I will think before I do, and I will try my best to be patient and try not to rush things. So to Requiem and Aodne, I am sorry for everything. And to the staff team old and new, I am sorry for anything I have done to you.

~Ephesians 4:31-32
April Fools!!

I am very sorry guys, but I have to close down the server permanently due to server funds. It has been an amazing experience to be able to have such an amazing community. I hope once you read this you will find out something great, if you click the spoiler tab you can see a server that is better than this one you can join since this one is closing down. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!
Lately we have had a issue where people were duping items using Slimefun Backpacks primarly crate keys, I have removed backpacks for now until the issue is fixed. What I need you all to do is get rid of any items and money from those crate keys, if you do not get rid of the items and money I will be forced to ban you for a month for abusing bugs. This is crucial that you do this, if this issue keeps occuring I will then be forced to reset the map, I do not want it to come down to that. Any money you got from the crates please use /pay Hellcode48 <amount>.
Hello WindmillGamers,

Withing the last few days, we created a poll to see if our community wanted to drop Towny and switch to CivCraft. However, Alex and I have decided that switching and resetting the map (again) would cause issues for our playerbase, such as losing homes, items, etc.

We are going to continue with Towny and we will not be resetting the map any time soon.
We decided that there are too many issues with CivCraft atm to get working on it, we are going to wait a few months. You can however still vote on the Poll below.

Towny has always been a nuisance. Always breaking, being stupid, and not having alot of features except for protecting land, and even then it doesnt work correctly.

I am asking you all a simple question, would you like to switch from Towny to CivilizationCraft? The reason I ask is because CivilizationCraft just updated to 1.11.2 in a beta stage, and to be honest CivilizationCraft is 1000x better than Towny, and in the post I will explain why. I really hope everyone will vote in the poll. First off I will answer a quick Q&A:

Q: What will happen?
A: I will setup a beta server for civcraft because I need to test some things before we switch (if the community wants to switch)

Q: Will we lose our Items?
A: Sadly yes, this is because for something like Civcraft we will need a clean start. Meaning all data including slimefun will need to be reset.

Q: Will we lose our Ranks?
A: No, you will also not lose any Ontime stats

Q: Will we get compensation for Slimefun?
A: You will get a nice kit with items :D

Q: When will this happen?
A: If enough vote yes, then hopefully within a month. I need to test everything to make sure there is no flaws or bugs.

What is CivilizationCraft?

Are you a fan of Sid Meier's Civilization games? CivCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations in Minecraft! This game is played from a first-person perspective. venture out into this new world, find friends, allies and enemies and take part in this massive empire building game! You start out as a humble nomad with basic tools and little in the way of supplies. Your first step in this new world brings you to the spawn town. This town offers but little more than the...
I noticed that people are confused about the ranks, so here is a quick thing about what the ranks are.

  • Player = Player
  • Serf = Peasant
  • Squire = Noble
  • Knight = Baron
  • Earl = Count
  • Bishop = King
  • Viscount = Sovereign
All permissions are the same, if you have any issues please use /ticket in game.