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WindmillGaming 10th Anniversary

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This year is a special one, the 10th anniversary of WindmillGaming!

You heard that right, the 10th anniversary of the server! What that means is I have to plan something special for all of you, which I have no clue yet, but I will take suggestions. I first want to thank all of you, the community, for always supporting Windmill. Without your support and dedication, the server would not be where it is today. Even through the drama and chaos of 2020, most of you stuck around, and I am forever grateful for that. I created this Server 10 years ago because I wanted a place where anyone can be welcomed and have fun playing Minecraft. Throughout the years I lost the original spark I once had when first starting out, treating this Server like a business, and that caused a lot of chaos between friends which caused hurt and overall not a healthy environment for anyone. I apologize...

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