Scortched Kingdom of The Mystic

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"A tired looking knight tumbled from the portal fear etched on his face. He had come from the fabled Dungeon World some whispered the name of Scorched Kingdom of the Mystic. It was the bastion of all things that slithered , rattled and sneaked. It was a world that was harsh and unforgiving and only the fool hardy or the brave some would say lived. It was a land full of promise. Loot was there for the taking if you had the skills. New settlers were needed and he was the one to spread the message. Are you the one, are you brave enough to take on the challenge. Could you be the Settler that survived. Go forth and try your hand, go forth and reap what you sow and enjoy the bounty of the land if you can.

With that the knight bowed with a tired smile and backed away to carry on his quest to find settlers for his land to fulfill his promise to the fair Queen that had saved his miserable life."

Introducing the first realm to have extreme weather conditions!

We have created a new...​

WindmillGaming Server Report for December 2020 - January/February 2021

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These are new reports that will come out one in a while to keep the community up-to-date on all things server related.

Angel (ArmageddonMouse)’s Statement:

When I first came back to Windmill Hellcode said make me a list of what you think need to be fixed, updated or changed. I presented him with this list and it started many a discussion and changes for Windmill. Thankfully we have just completed this first list which now we can start better communication to our players about what we are working on and changes that have been made or about to be made.

This is our first Server report updating our Community on what we the Staff team with Hellcode have completed and a Server plan for the projects that are to be completed by the end of January/February barring any major obstacles.

Our major concern was the stability of the server as the lag and tps drops at times was a major headache. To achieve stability we added...

WindmillGaming Towny 1.16

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Thank you all for being so patient, the server is now updated to 1.16.1!

The changes have not been too drastic, but the nether has been reset. Do note that the chat plugin is currently being worked on because the changes to it broke channels and the chat format (sorta), so I will be working on that. If you find any bugs please report it here: https://windmillgaming.net/support/

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