I have added some new Custom Radio Stations to our Teamspeak Server @

Diamond City Radio
Experience Fallout 4's Iconic Radio with 50's and 60's music

Wub Nation
All your Wubs and Dubstep Needs
We have decided to open a Modded Rust Server!
Here you can enjoy good 'ol Vanilla Rust with some Enhanced Features including x4 XP, x3 Gather, and x2 Craft.

Since we want Transparency, here is our entire list of plugins and links to the commands:
  1. AdminMenu Allows admins to monitor the Server
  2. AdminRadar Allows admins to see if hackers are on
  3. AntiOfflineRaid When you go offline the damage taken to your buildings will be at 10% at first, the longer offline you are, the damage will increase to normal in 48 hours
  4. AutoDoors Will autoclose doors in 3 seconds of opening
  5. BetterChat Makes chat more purdy
  6. BetterSay Sexier announcements
  7. BoxLooters Logs all Looters into a file for admin uses (seeing if anyone hacked)
  8. ChatHead Shows chat above your head, good for people without a mic
  9. Clans Allows you to make your own clan and invite people to it, there you can share all doors with the toolcupboard you own in your clan (no need for entering codes if you are apart of a clan)
  10. CraftingController Allows Admins to modify the rate of crafting timings (it will never change from x2)
  11. Fishing Use Spears and Bows to fish in the water, just go in the water and hit at the ground!
  12. Flippable Turrets Allows you to flip a turret onto a floor surface (upside down)
So RPG Inventory updated, it fixed alot of bugs, but made it where their resource pack is required to use the plugin.

Resource Pack (With Conquest enabled from my end):
given it is a little wonky with Conquest

So I am going to talk you through on enabling the resource pack:

go to your server list and click edit on WindmillGaming and enable Server Resource Pack[​IMG]
Today I have some exciting news, I have added a new RPG Plugin called RPG Inventory, what it does is adds a whole new inventory for Rings, Amulets, Artifacts, Gloves, Pets, and Backpacks which all do amazing things!

Here is a screenshot of the RPG Inventory:

Along with RPG Inventory it also came with a awesome Battle Pets type of Feature, heres what the pets can do:

  • Attack Mobs
  • Have a set health, damage, and speed
I will talk to the dev to see if he can add Pet Leveling like with Battle Pets.

Now before you say "Why dont you just add Battle Pets" allow me to inform you that the dev of that plugin abandoned that plugin with no open source, so it is lost forever.

Here is a image of a Pet:

and here is where you can buy Pets:

RPG Inventory also added backpacks! you put them into your RPG Inv and right click on them, here is a example of one:

And here is where you buy them:

[h=%2$s]Rings, Amulets, Artifacts, and Gloves[/h]
We cannot make those yet until our main Quest and Building Designer @Rettinger comes on, for we need his input on what stats they will have, but heres what these can do:

  • Apply these stats: Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Speed, Jump, Armor, Health, and Bow Damage
  • Run Commands on Right Click and Left Click
  • apply a permission node on use until not being used (temporary perm node)
Here is a example of a ring:

We really hope you all will love this new system, its pretty awesome,...
We have a new Teamspeak IP that is all :D

Teamspeak IP:
The server is now online! do note that its in beta and there still could be things that dont work.

Heres what changed:
The Economy is now hard currency (Item Based)
added BannerBoards at spawn
better shops
Pregenerated the World and the Nether
other things...
Today at 3:00 pm pacific standard time Windmill Gaming is open for all players (ˆڡˆ) I apologize on the wait time for the restart of the server. . The server is almost complete! The only things we are waiting on now is : The kits , Voting Keys that come along with the voting chests. All of these items can be fixed while you're playing! Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy our new redesign.
I had a unsuspecting power outage at 6 AM all the way to 7 PM, so we are releasing a little later than I hoped to release the server (Hopefully saturday. Keep strong and carry on my wayward son (Totally pulled a Supernatural reference :D)

Here's a smallish to a bigish hint of what we are going to be working on soon :D
We have some exciting news about the rebuild, we are at the moment working on the new spawn, and it's almost done, but whats not done is Shops, Permissions, Crates, as well as pregenerating the world so that when you all come back on it will be a seamless experience. We plan to release the server on friday at the latest. Here's a little sneak peek of that we have :D

You can take my Website, you can take my Plugins, but you can never take my Windmill!

Here's what happened the last 24 hours:

Server mysteriously went offline, saw that the server folders were deleted by a hacker, changed password for dedicated server and restored the files.

Wake up the next day and find out that it all got deleted again by the hacker, Website go's down, now unable to do anything, reinstall dedicated server and add more security (its pretty crazy).

So I hate to inform you we have to build the Website, Server and Teamspeak from the ground up, this will take a few days. I am sorry for the inconvenience, all Donators will have their ranks restored.