WindmillGaming Server Report for December 2020 - January/February 2021

These are new reports that will come out one in a while to keep the community up-to-date on all things server related.

Angel (ArmageddonMouse)’s Statement:

When I first came back to Windmill Hellcode said make me a list of what you think need to be fixed, updated or changed. I presented him with this list and it started many a discussion and changes for Windmill. Thankfully we have just completed this first list which now we can start better communication to our players about what we are working on and changes that have been made or about to be made.

This is our first Server report updating our Community on what we the Staff team with Hellcode have completed and a Server plan for the projects that are to be completed by the end of January/February barring any major obstacles.

Our major concern was the stability of the server as the lag and tps drops at times was a major headache. To achieve stability we added the Stacker Mod, Removed React which was to minimise lag but in effect was one of our leading causes of Lag. Pregen more of the Resource World and reduced the border to SkelMerrick.

We also made some QOL changes such as updating our Chat Plugin and switching many of our commands to CMI for easier access and home system. Better communication between the Staff Team and Owner and also to the Community so that we are transparent in what we do in relation to the server.

Once we had the server more stable we added more fun plugins such as

- Pryo Mining
- Pryo Fishing
- Companions
- BeehivesPro
- Liquid Tanks
-Alchema (Coming Soon)
- Better Backpacks (Coming Soon)
- Fluffys machine Slimefun Addon
- Infinity Expansion Slimefun Addon

That is just to name a few.

With more to come as we shape the server. We are at each stage pausing so we can make sure that the server stays stable and that the game play remains balanced with any any issues, bugs and glitches quickly attended to.

Also to make sure that documentation is made so that you have the information you need to use these plugins on server. At the moment even I am shaking my head and going where is oh we dont have this. How do we oh ok that wiki is not up to date. So right now over the course of the weeks you also see a new mini info area set up to spawn leading to a bigger area that will house a slimefun tutorial and tips and tricks for the server.

The projects we have on our Server Plan is as follows:


- New Resource plus world
- Black Market
- Custom Tiers for Weapons/Tools
- New items for the Black Market and Slimefun
- Revamp of kits and crates for all Player Ranks, Donators and Patrons. This has been started as of today.
- Creation of Shops
- Documentation of Player and Staff Commands
- Revising the Rules and etiquette of Staff
- Testing of New Enchants over 220 are available
- Launching of the new Windmill Guide via gui
- Slimefun drops in Mining/Mobs


- Re implementation of Quests
- Completion of Mob Arenas
- release of two new Realms

I realize that communication has not been the best and many decisions have been made very quickly that have impacted the community without due warning. We are endeavouring to change this as time goes on. We have also increased our in game support by increasing the staff team and the creation of the ticket system in discord. Our latest addition to the team is Sketchy who has been made helper to increase our support across multiple timelines. Since writing this report Sketchy has been promoted to Moderator.

Not much sure I can add much more to this report but I will hand you over now to Hellcode the amazing owner of Windmill to say a few words. Stay awesome you all and thank you for your support and words of encouragement you have given me over the last few months. It has been uplifting and a humble experience working with you all. I appreciate your honesty and trust you have given me to help with your issues, ideas and suggestions.

Hellcode48’s Statement

2020 has been one hell of a year hasn’t it? It sure has been a busy one I can tell ya that much. Allow me to quickly address the elephant in the room, the drama. I won’t get into details but I can assure you that the drama is no more, I had to make a decision that sadly caused the drama to seep out into the rest of the server, this is not what I wanted. Do know that what I did want was no drama, but 2020 decided to pull a last hurrah and made drama, bringing up stuff we all for the most part got past. When I first started this server, yeah it for fun, it was for me and my friends to just chill, but then the community grew. After years of doing the same old routines over and over again, reset after reset, I decided 2020 is gonna be different. The first thing I did was remove Co-Owner, it was not against the person who was previously Co-Owner, I just felt like I didn’t have the final say in anything. Next I rebranded the server, it was time to, and the new logo is amazing to say the least. Then I reworked the server, removing outdated towny, adding Lands, and making sure the server itself was stable. Now I feel we are at a manageable spot for the server, but we aren’t done yet, we still got a lot of work ahead of us, but I feel more than confident that we can get it done. I know a lot of you are wondering if there will ever be a reset, and I am glad to let you know that there will not be any kind of reset for the foreseeable future, we are past resetting every few months, even resetting every update, that’s why we created the realm system. I appreciate all of your support, through the fire and through the flood we all got through 2020 together, now lets make this year a great year, so we can forget about how bad 2020 was.