The town of Acrine.


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Nov 3, 2017

Came up with this idea on my own, though if I am correct I don't think you can own a town right now. We would be a town that was built entirely on top of a lake or river, with a huge mine outside of it that the entire town would be welcome to dig in. We would also have a huge food source free for the entire town to take from, alongside a farm that grows wheat, carrots, and potatoes, alongside anything else Minecraft has to offer. Houses would be made of any material that you wish to build it in, though we will also offer pre-built houses that include being furnished. Everyone would be welcome to join and is expected to treat other town members with respect.

We would also assign members of the town to certain tasks if they have free time and would be willing to help.

Miners - A member of the town whom mines supplies to build houses or armor for the rest of the town.
Builders - People who are willing to put in effort and build homes for other town members to reside in.
Scavengers - Someone who scavenges around the map to help collect supplies such as wood, flowers, seeds..
Hunters - Players who would be willing to hunt and scavenge food for the rest of the town.
Protectors - Players who could fight monsters off and protect the rest of the town.
Shop keepers - They own shops and sell stuff throughout the town.
Farmers - Someone who helps with farming and expanding the town's farm.

Of course, that's only if you wish to be assigned something like that. It may be a silly idea, but I found it interesting. I don't know how many people would be willing to dedicate themselves to a town like that or if the title was even a good idea.
Perhaps a board in the main town hall that Acrine would feature, displaying the title and name of a member who has chosen to be assigned to something.
Another board in the town hall would also feature the rules of the town, such as no taking more supplies than needed, etc.
Outside of the town hall, you could find a path leading to a food and building supplies building, which would feature several chests filled to the brim of food, cobblestone, stairs, glass.. Nearly any supply you could think of.

Opinions please? Does anyone think it's possible?
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