Rule Breaker


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Aug 16, 2019
Rule breaker name: Vaiden364

What I've seen them do:
Break rule #3: No spamming and/or use of excessive caps.
In the linked text file you will see them spam chat a bit with random letters.
Break rule #10: Respect all players and staff.
He openly insulted the server and staff team.
Break rule #7: Use common sense.
I believe this would fall under "Use common sense." but he attempted to claim he was staff when he/she was not.

There will be two files attached, the full chat log for the day and the part when Vaiden364 was online and doing all of this.
Note 1: (The full one will be in a .txt format too cause I cannot figure out how to put the regular format in via the attach files button)
Note 2: Jojoboyks was on at the time and should also be able to provide a copy of chat logs if you require it.



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Jul 19, 2016
Yeah this definitely was just someone who was bored with nothing better to do. Not to mention this isn’t some we’d ever ask a staff member of ours to do to “test” other players.
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