Oh towny, how you annoy me.....

Would you like us to switch from Towny to CivilizationCraft?

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We decided that there are too many issues with CivCraft atm to get working on it, we are going to wait a few months. You can however still vote on the Poll below.

Towny has always been a nuisance. Always breaking, being stupid, and not having alot of features except for protecting land, and even then it doesnt work correctly.

I am asking you all a simple question, would you like to switch from Towny to CivilizationCraft? The reason I ask is because CivilizationCraft just updated to 1.11.2 in a beta stage, and to be honest CivilizationCraft is 1000x better than Towny, and in the post I will explain why. I really hope everyone will vote in the poll. First off I will answer a quick Q&A:

Q: What will happen?
A: I will setup a beta server for civcraft because I need to test some things before we switch (if the community wants to switch)

Q: Will we lose our Items?
A: Sadly yes, this is because for something like Civcraft we will need a clean start. Meaning all data including slimefun will need to be reset.

Q: Will we lose our Ranks?
A: No, you will also not lose any Ontime stats

Q: Will we get compensation for Slimefun?
A: You will get a nice kit with items :D

Q: When will this happen?
A: If enough vote yes, then hopefully within a month. I need to test everything to make sure there is no flaws or bugs.

What is CivilizationCraft?

Are you a fan of Sid Meier's Civilization games? CivCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations in Minecraft! This game is played from a first-person perspective. venture out into this new world, find friends, allies and enemies and take part in this massive empire building game! You start out as a humble nomad with basic tools and little in the way of supplies. Your first step in this new world brings you to the spawn town. This town offers but little more than the bare necessities. The town is equipped with a bank (To sell precious minerals and ores), global market (To buy and sell general supplies) and grocery (To buy food). With your handful off Coins You must now venture out into the world where you will build and conquer.
CivCraft has its own unique set of Materials that you'll need to craft in order to progress. Upon spawning in your will receive a recipe book. This book provides all of our new recipes in civcraft. No matter how powerful you are you will still rely on this book. So don't worry if you lose it because merely typing /res book will place on in your inventory.

Differences between CivilizationCraft and Towny

Towny is not really maintained | Civcraft is
Towny's war system doesnt work | Civcraft's war works, and works really good
Towny doesnt have Prebuilt Structures that do magical things | Civcraft does
Towny doesnt fix the economy | Civcraft does because every Structure has upkeep
Towny has a small amount of features | Civcraft has a vast variety of features
Towny is really old | so is Civcraft, but since its maintained it won't be a issue

About War

We all strive to solve our problems through diplomacy, but sometimes war is the only way. Civilizations are able to declare war on one another to assert their dominance and attempt to prevent other Civilizations from completing Wonders. War is a PvP contest in which the goal is to destroy the enemies' Town Hall or otherwise do as much damage as possible.
When Can Civilizations Wage War?
Civilizations can be 'at war' any time, however they can only do damage during a two hour window on Saturday called WarTime. WarTime occurs every Saturday at 2pm EDT in the US(Arendal, Grenard) servers, and 10pm GMT on EU(Loki). Only Civilizations that have previously declared war can engage in war on Saturday, you cannot wait until Saturday to declare war. If someone have declared war on you, your allies have untill 24 hours before wartime to declare war on whoever declared you war.

How War Works

Each town in a Civ must defend control blocks in their Town Hall/Capitol structure. Once all of the control blocks are destroyed, the town will fall and be registered as 'captured' by the enemy civilization. When a town hall is captured (aka a town that is NOT the capital) only that town falls to the enemy. When a civilization's capitol is captured, the entire civilization is captured along with it.
In addition to the primary goal of capturing towns and civs, each structure has a set amount of hitpoints which allows it to be destroyed during war. To damage a structure, just attempt to break any block on it. If you're at war with the structure's owner, and its during WarTime, some red sparks will appear and you'll damage the structure. Continue to hit it until it explodes.
After a war, structures can be repaired for half of their cost. Until then the structures remain destroyed and non-functional.

For all other information please check out the wiki here: [wiki]CivilizationCraft[/wiki]
I hope you all will enjoy this new experience, you can join in on our beta for it @ beta.windmillgaming.net or type "/server windmillgaming-beta" in the towny server. The reason the server is in beta is because the plugin for 1.11.2 is currently in beta, so expect wipes if any issues occur. Please ask questions below and take the poll.
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