Introducing... WindmillGaming VII 1.14.4!


Greetings WindmillGamers!

We are proud to announce the release of WindmillGaming Towny VII 1.14 Edition! This has been probably one of our quickest updates yet, which was thanks to MC 1.13 and 1.14 being so compatible with each other!

With this update, we have 2 worlds setup at the moment, from last version and this version! The 1.14 world is the same seed as it was in 1.13, so the world is identical despite the changes in 1.14. We have decided to keep the 1.13 world open for a while so players can transfer their stuff and go back & forth as needed. You’ll no longer be able to build in the 1.13 world, but you can break blocks/chests/items as needed, should they still work. This does NOT enable griefing despite protection being gone; that rule is still very much expected to be followed as always. The 1.13 world will also no longer generate. And to those who have asked and/or may still be wondering, no we will not providing the world seed, reason being is that players can use the seed online to scout out specific areas and/or structures, which would be deemed as cheating.

In this new world, we’re highly advising/requiring that players build out a far distance from spawn. For the past few updates we’ve had player(s) build dangerously close or right outside of spawn, which is an easy target for griefers, creating more work for the staff when this issue can be easily avoided. Although griefing is not allowed, this doesn’t stop players who are solely intent on griefing and/or joining the server just to break the rules, so please keep this is mind! Venture out or use /rtp, get creative! Building close to spawn gives no advantage, nor does it ensure any kind of safety for builds that aren’t claimed.

Unfortunately in the process of creating the 1.14 world while using the same spawn, the castle island and a majority of the bridge were lost to an unidentified being in a sort of firestorm, where the castle went missing and can no longer found. After giving up on scouting out the world for it, Wolfsmite and I stumbled up an old long-abandoned vessel named Vigilant. The large vessel was built and occupied by a crew of an old civilization of Minecrafters known as the Direcktoriua. Is it unknown how long precisely the vessel had been abandoned, but the only information we know is that the entire crew disappeared in the midst of a battle between the Revenant cult. With this, we decided to transport the vessel to Aelborough Springs, where we grounded the ship and converted it to our new spawnpoint! Although Vigilant will never be able to sail again, it stands in honor of its crew and the Direcktoriua.

So, go out and enjoy the new 1.14 WindmillGaming update! Stay safe out there, miners!

Patch Notes:
  1. Player levels exp changes
  2. Black market with quests
  3. New chat plugin
  4. Slimefun fixed
  5. Banker ppdate (I.E. daily quests for trade tokens)
  6. /lore GUI
  7. RPG Discovery fixed
  8. Main plugins updated
  9. Voting fixed

Do note the server is not 100% stable, you will find bugs! Please report bugs to
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