Introducing... WindmillGaming VI!

Hello WindmillGamers!

We would like to express our gratitude for everyone's patience for the 1.13 update. Over the course of this year (November 11th will be a year since the last reset), a lot has happened on the server, in and outside of Minecraft. A lot of players and staff have come and gone, and at this point, most of the work done on 1.13 has been Hellcode, Wolfsmite, Deeelone, a few beta testers ( BlueSteelAU BlueSteelAU , @Dragneria, etc.), and special players along the way to contribute to this project, which is believed to be our biggest yet.

The 1.13 update has been a long time in the making, with unexpected delays and pushbacks just in favor of getting this update ready for release, which we are now finally ready to do! So, after a very lengthy wait, we would like to present…

Welcome WindmillGaming Towny VI!

We have worked very hard and very long on this to ensure the least amount of bugs, issues, and glitches, as well as fixing all those that we could. We have introduced new features on this map that are new and unique to WindmillGaming. We are also very proud to present the newfound spawn town of Aelborough Springs, which features a variety of buildings with various purposes, along with plenty of landmarks, easter eggs, and quests.

WindmillGaming VI Change Log:
  • Reverted back to base SlimeFun research system
  • Removed Heroes
  • Added advancements for ranking up
  • New Permissions System
  • Removed Epic World Generator to reduce lag and maximize update effectiveness
  • Added banking system
  • Added postal service
  • Added vaults
  • Added mining exchange services
  • Added item frame-based shop
  • Did many backend changes to all WG Plugins
  • Will re-add Exotic Garden (when someone fixes it)
  • Zenchantments is currently disabled, because it doesn't work in 1.13 yet (someone is working on a update for that)
  • Removed Essentials in favor of CMI (Content Management System)
  • Added McMMO
  • Crates and Voting are coming soon!
  • Remade donation store and perks for donators
  • Pets coming soon (temporarily disabled due to a huge bug)
  • Random loot drops with item stats coming soon
Note: This update's description reflects the key changes in the reset and does not contain a comprehensive list of all changes.


This new spawn also includes the previous spawn castle of the last update, attached to Aelborough Springs by bridge. Aelborough Springs features a new shop, livestock market, stonemason & blacksmith, a mining exchange, library, a church unique to WG’s history, and a park dedicated to the server.

Note: Some of these buildings and/or sections of others may be temporarily closed, as they’re not yet ready.

A lot has changed for Minecraft and WindmillGaming in 1.13. Much has broken, been removed, become obsolete, rewritten, etc., so we can’t promise perfection at this time considering that some work still has yet to be complete, though enough done to finally release the 1.13 update.

There also some things we intended to do and to have, which included schematics, however we are unable to because 1.13 broke it.

Once again, we would like to thank you all and thank those who have contributed to and waited for the 1.13 reset. This has been a long-time coming, and we apologize for that, as this past year has very well been a rollercoaster of all sorts.

And so, here it is, after many hours, days, weeks, and months of work put into this reset, we hope you will all enjoy the new WindmillGaming Towny VI 1.13 Update.

Stay safe out there, miners!

For those who would like a copy of the previous map, here’s the link:
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Aug 3, 2016
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I'd love to start playing on the server again once I get a pc, if I'm still welcome