Introducing... WindmillGaming V!


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Jul 18, 2016

Hello WindmillGamers!

Welcome to the new and improved WindmillGaming V! This is the 5th generation of the server. We apologize for the massive delay in this release, however, this was due to unforeseen circumstances, some which were out of our control. With that said, we did announce that we planned to introduce a new RPG world, unfortunately though we have had to abandon this project, so we will be staying with our regular Towny-SlimeFun server.

This is more than just a map reset, this is a new server! Here are some of the new features of WindmillGaming V…

New command: /stats

• Different way to research in SlimeFun. This new feature is instead of using mob XP drops to research, so you now have to level up the new Citizen class by doing many Minecraft-related tasks, like killing, harvesting, etc.

• New Citizen class with over 10 skills to obtain.

• Better and less laggy Epic World Generator. Version 8 even comes with new and improved biomes, like Volcano, Farmland, and Snowy Pine.

• Dropped Items now show their name above the item drop.

• Better RTP system.

• Permission skills: Some permissions like /fly, /hdb, and /rtp, are now locked behind a permission skill. You can obtain these by reaching a certain level.

• New unofficial Slimefun machine (custom coded by me): Brewery, where you can make alcoholic drinks.

• New unofficial Slimefun Recipes (custom coded by me): New tools and more will be added over the coming weeks.

• New /mounts command: Once you buy a mount, run this command to summon it.

(Other misc. features I forgot about…)

We also hope that at this time we can work together as a community to help maintain server friendliness and rule-following, as we are currently-short staffed and don’t have many/active moderators, but we hope to change this soon!

So, come join and begin your new venture on WindmillGaming V!



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Jan 21, 2017
Not trying to sound impatient here but FINALLY!!! Pfft sorry.
This new server will thrive like none other!
Personally I may be able to get on Tomorrow to check this out but no promises, Work and all.
Anyway I just want to congratulate Hell, Wolf, Literally everyone who made this server the way it is, how this server isn't as large as it currently is baffles me but I believe that if it wasn't for such a "small" community it wouldn't be such a cluster of madness.
This Server is great!
This community is great!
The people in this community are great!



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May 17, 2017
sooooooo hyped ive been on this server for a while and took a brake from the game since so many resets, but now i can finally love this server again!!!
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