From the ashes we will rise...

Today I have a somewhat medium-big kind of announcement. I would love in the short future to completely nuke the entire Server and Dedicated Server, I feel its time to revamp the server in a big way and this would help. Do note that what im asking is a purge, total and complete annihilation, everything will be gone except for these things: custom recipes, /recipes gui, website, possibly permissions (unless I feel like redoing those), possibly ontime if I can't find a suitable replacement.

I know we just recently just reset so im hoping in between june-september. I am also hoping on switching up Slimefun Researching (if my dev pal can get it done it time) as well as adding in Classes like I promised (please Rettinger Rettinger ) and adding alot of Quests. Another reason I want to do this is because I want to rework some things like the economy, I know I could always do it without doing this but I feel like we rushed this last reset and the dedi needs a good cleaning too.

Please fill out the form below to vote on which month we should do this.

plz make a hunter or assasin class to :p
Here are the known classes we will add *Note that the subclasses that are surrounded by () are not going to be added at first but at a later date.

Knight (Tank, Demon, Barbarian), Cleric (Priest, Paladin, Cultist), Sorcerer (High Mage, Psychic, Ritualist), Brawler (Monk, Brute), Thief (Assassin, Rogue), Hunter (Necromancer, Druid), Ranger (Tempest, Nightstalker)