Being honest with myself and being honest with you all

I recently have been thinking about the past, about everthing that happened, and I realized after watching The Shack that I judged and hurt people who were close to me. I never thought about other peoples feelings, about how I hurt them and betrayed them. I am posting this to say that I have changed. I will no longer judge, I will think before I do, and I will try my best to be patient and try not to rush things. So to Requiem and Aodne, I am sorry for everything. And to the staff team old and new, I am sorry for anything I have done to you.

~Ephesians 4:31-32


I have had the messages sent on to me so came to the forum. May this post last longer than the others you have posted. I also truley hope for all concerned that you are truly genuine this time as most of us have moved on due to broken promises and the crap you put us all through.