1.13 Server Issues

Greetings WindmillGamers,

As usual, if there is any sort of issue and/or epidemic on the server, there will be an announcement like this for clarity concerning the situation(s).

In light of recent issues on the server, I wanted to take the time to explain all of this.

For those who don't already know, the entire 1.13 server update was completely handled by Hellcode and myself, with some brief admin and staff help here and there, we even setup 8-player beta-testing, which only ended up being 1 really.

This update has been a lot of work for two people and only two minds. The update could've possibly been more structured, had less issues, and/or could've been released sooner if we'd had staff assistance. Over time we'd done everything we can to build a substantial and active staff team, but to the worst of our luck, the majority of our staff team has disappeared yet again, and so all the work, complaints, and issues fall on our shoulders. This is incredibly stressful as Hellcode and I have worked very hard and long on the server for you all to have a nice place to play and enjoy, but yet it seems our players may be expecting more out of us than we're able to provide. We have very limited skills and knowledge, and when something goes wrong, we don't really get help with it, we're just expected to fix it or players get pissed off and leave. This really isn't fair as we've revised our staff team numerous times recently, with the same outcome every time: it ends up being only Hellcode and I. We don't have control of our staff members' lives so when something takes them away, there's nothing we can do about it. We have to understand the situation, or else we'd be seen as greedy.

Some plugins right now have also presented issues which is preventing some of you from playing on the server, and we deeply apologize for this. SlimeFun has very many bugs and is broken yes, and this is something we can't deal with as SlimeFun no longer has an active developer, so updates/fixes can't be promised. This is potentially the main issue with the other plugins as well, as the devs don't fix them, or abandon their projects entirely, leaving us in this position. Again, our skills and knowledge are limited, there's only so much we know/are able to do, and considering the amount of assistance we currently have.

We'd really like it if you all understood our current situation a bit better, as again this server can be a lot of work for only 2 people. In the future rather than getting upset at the management for issues out of our control/ability, we hope our players will understand that when our players are upset, we get upset, especially when we feel powerless, while we're the very ones expected to do something, and it hurts us even more when this causes players to leave. I know some of you may not have the highest opinions of us, but just know we've done our best to be and for the server to be as good as it can.
Some may doubt that, but all we can do is ask you to take our word for it.

At this point, we're hoping for fixes to SlimeFun as well the other plugins that are causing issues. As for our staff team, we may revise again, but right now, I'm not sure which direction that's going in.

In conclusion, Hellcode and I will always to our best to make the server as great and fun as it can be, but remember, when we don't have very much assistance like at this time, please don't expect a perfect result, cause when it's only 2 people, that stress has nowhere else to go, so just keep in mind we're doing all the work we can, even though you may not always openly see progression.

TL;DR - Read it. Just read it. It's not going to kill you :)



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Jul 18, 2016
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thank you both for keeping the server up and running its always alot of fun to play on this server