1. Hellcode48

    Introducing... WindmillGaming VII 1.14.4!

    Greetings WindmillGamers! We are proud to announce the release of WindmillGaming Towny VII 1.14 Edition! This has been probably one of our quickest updates yet, which was thanks to MC 1.13 and 1.14 being so compatible with each other! With this update, we have 2 worlds setup at the moment...
  2. Hellcode48

    Introducing... WindmillGaming VI!

    Hello WindmillGamers! We would like to express our gratitude for everyone's patience for the 1.13 update. Over the course of this year (November 11th will be a year since the last reset), a lot has happened on the server, in and outside of Minecraft. A lot of players and staff have come and...
  3. Hellcode48

    Pets, Backpacks, and RPG Inventory!

    Today I have some exciting news, I have added a new RPG Plugin called RPG Inventory, what it does is adds a whole new inventory for Rings, Amulets, Artifacts, Gloves, Pets, and Backpacks which all do amazing things! Here is a screenshot of the RPG Inventory: Pets Along with RPG Inventory it...
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