1. Hellcode48

    Scortched Kingdom of The Mystic

    "A tired looking knight tumbled from the portal fear etched on his face. He had come from the fabled Dungeon World some whispered the name of Scorched Kingdom of the Mystic. It was the bastion of all things that slithered , rattled and sneaked. It was a world that was harsh and unforgiving and...
  2. Hellcode48

    New RPG Inventory System

    So RPG Inventory updated, it fixed alot of bugs, but made it where their resource pack is required to use the plugin. Resource Pack (With Conquest enabled from my end): given it is a little wonky with Conquest So I am going to talk you through on enabling the resource pack: go to your...
  3. Hellcode48

    Pets, Backpacks, and RPG Inventory!

    Today I have some exciting news, I have added a new RPG Plugin called RPG Inventory, what it does is adds a whole new inventory for Rings, Amulets, Artifacts, Gloves, Pets, and Backpacks which all do amazing things! Here is a screenshot of the RPG Inventory: Pets Along with RPG Inventory it...