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  1. Hellcode48

    Scortched Kingdom of The Mystic

    "A tired looking knight tumbled from the portal fear etched on his face. He had come from the fabled Dungeon World some whispered the name of Scorched Kingdom of the Mystic. It was the bastion of all things that slithered , rattled and sneaked. It was a world that was harsh and unforgiving and...
  2. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added Leveled Mobs in certain realms (farther you go from spawn, the tougher the mobs) with Special Types (Explosive, Invisible etc) - Added PyroWeatherPro in certain realms (Various random dangerous weathers)
  3. Hellcode48

    BETA Update REV 2

    - Added Seasons - Added New Lumber Axe (Named The Fall of Night, only works in resource, resource+, and regular nether realms) - Added Mob Transporter - Added Playtime Rewards (/prewards)
  4. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added Minions and fixed minion place problem - Added Jobs - Fixed Lumberjack Enchantment slimefun dupe bug - Tweaking mining drop chances
  5. Hellcode48

    BETA Update REV 2

    Added Saddle Recipe (usable on the new MMOHorses)
  6. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added Gold Key Use - Updated Slimefun Addons - Updated Lands - Lands now has nations!
  7. Hellcode48

    WindmillGaming Server Report for December 2020 - January/February 2021

    These are new reports that will come out one in a while to keep the community up-to-date on all things server related. Angel (ArmageddonMouse)’s Statement: When I first came back to Windmill Hellcode said make me a list of what you think need to be fixed, updated or changed. I presented him...
  8. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added Infinity Expansion Slimefun Addon - Added DynaTech Slimefun Addon - Updated Slimefun and Addons - Increased Dimensional Flux Frequency by 1%
  9. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added 10 custom mobs that spawn in the main world, resource, resource+, Skelmerrik, and Soul Reach Vale. - Added cauldron crafting, recipes will be added soon - Added Alchemical Arrows, currently drops from skeletons - Added liquid tanks that store experience, water, lava, milk, mushroom stew...
  10. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added Lumberman's Axe - Added Blast Pickaxe - Added Apple of Enlightenment - Added Community Farm in Spawn - Added /market - Released Market with some shops (still work in progress) - Updated ChatControl and redid chat system - Magic in the air
  11. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    - Added advent calendar at spawn (/warps Christmas) - Christmasized spawn - Added new rank system (/milestones), another rank coming soon and different milestones coming as well (tags for mcmmo etc) - Currently working on crates (added weekly vote crate, currently not working yet) - Added...
  12. Hellcode48

    BETA Update

    This update and any others labeled same version count is in beta phase. Once we reach release stage the version will be 3.0.0. Modified spawn area some more Changed Lands chunks total, playtime max, and support chunks amount # to something more reasonable (Note: Playtime should add +5 in total...
  13. Hellcode48

    WindmillGaming Towny 1.16

    Thank you all for being so patient, the server is now updated to 1.16.1! The changes have not been too drastic, but the nether has been reset. Do note that the chat plugin is currently being worked on because the changes to it broke channels and the chat format (sorta), so I will be working on...
  14. Hellcode48

    Welcome to WindmillGaming Chapter VIII 1.15.2!

    Greetings WindmillGamers! Its been a while hasn't it? I have officially came back from my Hiatus, due to life calming down and thanks to Bangymang for donating 3 months of server upkeep! Before I continue I should tell you all that due to certain changes to the ranking system which includes the...
  15. Hellcode48

    Introducing... WindmillGaming VII 1.14.4!

    Greetings WindmillGamers! We are proud to announce the release of WindmillGaming Towny VII 1.14 Edition! This has been probably one of our quickest updates yet, which was thanks to MC 1.13 and 1.14 being so compatible with each other! With this update, we have 2 worlds setup at the moment...
  16. Hellcode48

    1.13 Server Issues

    Greetings WindmillGamers, As usual, if there is any sort of issue and/or epidemic on the server, there will be an announcement like this for clarity concerning the situation(s). In light of recent issues on the server, I wanted to take the time to explain all of this. For those who don't...
  17. Hellcode48

    Introducing... WindmillGaming VI!

    Hello WindmillGamers! We would like to express our gratitude for everyone's patience for the 1.13 update. Over the course of this year (November 11th will be a year since the last reset), a lot has happened on the server, in and outside of Minecraft. A lot of players and staff have come and...
  18. Hellcode48

    Plans for Chapter VI Update Aquatic

    Hello WindmillGamers! Today I will be discussing our plan for Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic. I know a lot of you have been wondering what's going to happen. So without a further ado, lets get started. First let me apologize for Chapter V, I thought with the addition of Heroes (our leveling...
  19. Hellcode48

    Denied Giant Slime

    Mob Name Giant Slime (Optional) What would your mob do? Eat players that it jumps on (Optional) Mob Gear Health 500 Mob Type Slime (Optional) Special Types (Optional) Mob Drops (Optional) Anything Else?
  20. Hellcode48

    Denied Dank Meme Stick

    Recipe Result Name Dank Meme Stick Recipe Type Ancient Altar Recipe Result Item Stick (Optional) Recipe Result Item Enchantments Efficiency, Unbreaking (Optional) Recipe Result Enchantment Levels efficiency-1 unbreaking-10 Recipe Template G= grandmas walking stick A= air I= Iron Ingot AGA...