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  1. Jordau

    What Is Confirmed* So Far: Windmill Season 1.18

    *(I'm not 100% confirming anything because I don't work on the server or have any internal incites on the development) Confirmed* features so far: >Atmosphere; - Fully decorated valley spawn area (with a windmill oc) - 1.18 biomes, landscapes, caves, nether - Special worlds - Special...
  2. Jordau

    Jordau's Very Cool Epic Awesome Introduction™

    Hello, I'm Jordau. I started playing Windmill in 2018, the 1.13 season of Windmill and enjoyed it enough to keep coming back. Mostly my posts will be informational, mc build screenshots, questions, and memes. I will be open to joining or creating a Towny this season, and will post my decision...
  3. Jordau

    New Profile Banner : ) Came out kinda clean ngl 🥶

    New Profile Banner : ) Came out kinda clean ngl 🥶