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  1. Nicole

    There is a PARTY ROOM!!!

    So as you all know before the last wipe we had a party room! This new map will also have a party room! As you can tell i'm super excited about it. This Party room has a random Drop Party Event , it can happen at any time on the server ! It can be announced by Broadcast , Hellcode48 ...
  2. Nicole


    In the end or portal area would it would be nice to see more of Shulkers.
  3. Nicole

    Multipower Tool

    So I have a Request for a Couple of tools . Pic - Ax , Hatchet, Shovel One these tools my enchantment request is. X Efficiency XUnbreaking 1Grab
  4. Nicole


    Hey I'm Mecoley ~!!! I'm a moderator on Hellcode's Server . I started off as a peasant and worked my way to baron! I'm still getting the hang of minecraft pc. Version. I'm a honest , down to earth , kind of person. My favorite color is blue, favorite type of flower is a blue rose. I really...