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  1. Wolfsmite

    A Better Shop.

    We did this to prevent players from selling common items and making a lot of money really fast. It’s an issue we’ve always had so this is why a lot of stuff isn’t for sale. I’m sure you’d like to see a lot more of the items for sale, but we can’t trust players aren’t going to be indecent and...
  2. Wolfsmite

    A Better Shop.

    This makes it sound like the current shop is just a placeholder… ? From what I understand, it’s supposed to be a permanent shop.
  3. Wolfsmite

    1.13 Server Issues

    Greetings WindmillGamers, As usual, if there is any sort of issue and/or epidemic on the server, there will be an announcement like this for clarity concerning the situation(s). In light of recent issues on the server, I wanted to take the time to explain all of this. For those who don't...
  4. Wolfsmite

    Introducing... WindmillGaming VI!

    You’re always welcome. Why would you ever think you’re not?
  5. Wolfsmite

    [SOLVED!!] Unintended inclusion.

    Resolved, sorry about that.
  6. Wolfsmite

    Plans for Chapter VI Update Aquatic

    The reset will be ready once some of our core plugins update, so it probably won’t be for a few weeks. Also which of your homes was griefed? I can roll it back for you
  7. Wolfsmite

    Coming Soon...

    Coming soon... The next chapter of WindmillGaming...
  8. Wolfsmite

    Staff Changes

    Dear WindmillGaming moderators, As you all know, things have been pretty slow around here lately. Hellcode and I have been talking, and have decided it's time to make some changes and get us back in action, so that the server can flourish once again. This change comes in the form of staff...
  9. Wolfsmite

    CivCraft Setback

    Hello WindmillGamers, Withing the last few days, we created a poll to see if our community wanted to drop Towny and switch to CivCraft. However, Alex and I have decided that switching and resetting the map (again) would cause issues for our playerbase, such as losing homes, items, etc. We...
  10. Wolfsmite

    Server is down. Bare with us.

    Server is down. Bare with us.