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  1. Hellcode48

    A Better Shop.

    I mean it is but I think since the economy is essentially FUBAR that the item based economy is gonna be the real deal now. I am not saying lets get rid of the antlers market, im just saying if anything that theres no real improving it in a way to help the virtual economy become better.
  2. Hellcode48

    A Better Shop.

    The reason the shop is how it is right now is because we don't have someone good at economy, our economy for the longest time has always been screwed. For that reason the shop is just there so people don't instantly leave, its something but the real economy is item based trade tokens and black...
  3. Hellcode48

    Custom enchants

    We have custom enchant plugins and there are slimefun recipes for almost every enchant, I might one day recode them though.
  4. Hellcode48

    Weekly (Or however you see fit) End resets.

    That is planned, might piss off some end grindy people but what can ya do.
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    We already have crates in the casino, just need to fix voting.
  6. Hellcode48

    Introducing... WindmillGaming VI!

    Hello WindmillGamers! We would like to express our gratitude for everyone's patience for the 1.13 update. Over the course of this year (November 11th will be a year since the last reset), a lot has happened on the server, in and outside of Minecraft. A lot of players and staff have come and...
  7. Hellcode48

    Plans for Chapter VI Update Aquatic

    The main dev is no longer working on Slimefun, but the community is keeping it up to date since it's open source.
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    Plans for Chapter VI Update Aquatic

    Hello WindmillGamers! Today I will be discussing our plan for Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic. I know a lot of you have been wondering what's going to happen. So without a further ado, lets get started. First let me apologize for Chapter V, I thought with the addition of Heroes (our leveling...
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    Come join us at The Sanctuary

    Damn Negan, you are crazy.
  10. Hellcode48

    Denied Giant Slime

    Mob Name Giant Slime (Optional) What would your mob do? Eat players that it jumps on (Optional) Mob Gear Health 500 Mob Type Slime (Optional) Special Types (Optional) Mob Drops (Optional) Anything Else?
  11. Hellcode48

    Denied Dank Meme Stick

    Recipe Result Name Dank Meme Stick Recipe Type Ancient Altar Recipe Result Item Stick (Optional) Recipe Result Item Enchantments Efficiency, Unbreaking (Optional) Recipe Result Enchantment Levels efficiency-1 unbreaking-10 Recipe Template G= grandmas walking stick A= air I= Iron Ingot AGA...
  12. Hellcode48

    The new site is now live!

    The new site is now live!
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    The problem will be fixed in Chapter VI of WindmillGaming, the main issue is the leveling plugin, which will be removed in the next chapter.
  14. Hellcode48

    Gods and Vampires, plugins for excuses to pvp and build

    Sadly Gods is outdated by about a year/half, Vampires I will think about, but not sure.
  15. Hellcode48

    Introducing... WindmillGaming V!

    Hello WindmillGamers! Welcome to the new and improved WindmillGaming V! This is the 5th generation of the server. We apologize for the massive delay in this release, however, this was due to unforeseen circumstances, some which were out of our control. With that said, we did announce that we...
  16. Hellcode48

    We're getting close to release :D

    We're getting close to release :D
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    ahh I member, welcome back!
  18. Hellcode48

    From the ashes we will rise...

    Here are the known classes we will add *Note that the subclasses that are surrounded by () are not going to be added at first but at a later date.
  19. Hellcode48

    Working on the rebirth of WindmillGaming, expect Classes and Skills :D

    Working on the rebirth of WindmillGaming, expect Classes and Skills :D
  20. Hellcode48

    From the ashes we will rise...

    Donators will keep their ranks, possibly players will too if I can't find a suitable replacement for Ontime. Your ender quarry will be gone.