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  1. Hellcode48

    Kamikaze Glow Squid

    Hellcode48 submitted a new ticket: Kamikaze Glow Squid Content:
  2. Hellcode48

    Use a lot of candles in spawn

    I think lanterns are too "new" so candles should be all over spawn in 1.18 (I'm not legit about this suggestion, its just to show off the new suggestion system this website has to offer)
  3. Hellcode48

    WindmillGaming 10th Anniversary

    This year is a special one, the 10th anniversary of WindmillGaming! You heard that right, the 10th anniversary of the server! What that means is I have to plan something special for all of you, which I have no clue yet, but I will take suggestions. I first want to thank all of you, the...