Development 5.0.0-Release

  • Released the Server!
  • Fixed block placer research


Development 5.0.0-Alpha 5

  • Calculated and tested a good exp formula, to get to level 100 it requires a total of 500,000 exp
  • Added stats gui
  • Configured Heroes config (classes and skills)
  • Added new motd
  • Added Leveled Mobs that increase in level the further from spawn
  • Added Dropped Item Names
  • Added Skull Textures for skills
  • Configured Skill Levels, Cooldowns, and Mana Requirements
  • Configured Slimefun Researching via leveling
  • Modified Slimefun Source to make locked items stay locked, the reason behind this is so that with the Heroes system you cant unlock stuff in the guide, but by leveling up your class, this makes unlocking stuff faster, but still somewhat have a grind to it.