A small delay

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I had a unsuspecting power outage at 6 AM all the way to 7 PM, so we are releasing a little later than I hoped to release the server (Hopefully saturday. Keep strong and carry on my wayward son (Totally pulled a Supernatural reference :D)

Here's a smallish to a bigish hint of what we are going to be working on soon :D

Progress on the Rebuild

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We have some exciting news about the rebuild, we are at the moment working on the new spawn, and it's almost done, but whats not done is Shops, Permissions, Crates, as well as pregenerating the world so that when you all come back on it will be a seamless experience. We plan to release the server on friday at the latest. Here's a little sneak peek of that we have :D


Server Issues vol. 5

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You can take my Website, you can take my Plugins, but you can never take my Windmill!

Here's what happened the last 24 hours:

Server mysteriously went offline, saw that the server folders were deleted by a hacker, changed password for dedicated server and restored the files.

Wake up the next day and find out that it all got deleted again by the hacker, Website go's down, now unable to do anything, reinstall dedicated server and add more security (its pretty crazy).

So I hate to inform you we have to build the Website, Server and Teamspeak from the ground up, this will take a few days. I am sorry for the inconvenience, all Donators will have their ranks restored.

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