Pets, Backpacks, and RPG Inventory!

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Today I have some exciting news, I have added a new RPG Plugin called RPG Inventory, what it does is adds a whole new inventory for Rings, Amulets, Artifacts, Gloves, Pets, and Backpacks which all do amazing things!

Here is a screenshot of the RPG Inventory:


Along with RPG Inventory it also came with a awesome Battle Pets type of Feature, heres what the pets can do:

  • Attack Mobs
  • Have a set health, damage, and speed
I will talk to the dev to see if he can add Pet Leveling like with Battle Pets.

Now before you say "Why dont you just add Battle Pets" allow me to inform you that the dev of that plugin abandoned that plugin with no open source, so it is lost forever.

Here is a image of a Pet:

and here is where you can buy Pets...

New Teamspeak IP

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We have a new Teamspeak IP that is all :D

Teamspeak IP:

Server is now online!

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The server is now online! do note that its in beta and there still could be things that dont work.

Heres what changed:
The Economy is now hard currency (Item Based)
added BannerBoards at spawn
better shops
Pregenerated the World and the Nether
other things...

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