Server is now online!

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The server is now online! do note that its in beta and there still could be things that dont work.

Heres what changed:
The Economy is now hard currency (Item Based)
added BannerBoards at spawn
better shops
Pregenerated the World and the Nether
other things...

Missile launch for windmill is a go

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Today at 3:00 pm pacific standard time Windmill Gaming is open for all players (ˆڡˆ) I apologize on the wait time for the restart of the server. . The server is almost complete! The only things we are waiting on now is : The kits , Voting Keys that come along with the voting chests. All of these items can be fixed while you're playing! Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy our new redesign.

A small delay

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I had a unsuspecting power outage at 6 AM all the way to 7 PM, so we are releasing a little later than I hoped to release the server (Hopefully saturday. Keep strong and carry on my wayward son (Totally pulled a Supernatural reference :D)

Here's a smallish to a bigish hint of what we are going to be working on soon :D

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