Confusion about the ranks

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I noticed that people are confused about the ranks, so here is a quick thing about what the ranks are.

  • Player = Player
  • Serf = Peasant
  • Squire = Noble
  • Knight = Baron
  • Earl = Count
  • Bishop = King
  • Viscount = Sovereign
All permissions are the same, if you have any issues please use /ticket in game.

Radio Stations

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I have added some new Custom Radio Stations to our Teamspeak Server @ ts.windmillgaming.net

Diamond City Radio
Experience Fallout 4's Iconic Radio with 50's and 60's music

Wub Nation
All your Wubs and Dubstep Needs

New RPG Inventory System

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So RPG Inventory updated, it fixed alot of bugs, but made it where their resource pack is required to use the plugin.

Resource Pack (With Conquest enabled from my end):

given it is a little wonky with Conquest

So I am going to talk you through on enabling the resource pack:

go to your server list and click edit on WindmillGaming and enable Server Resource Pack

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