Duped Item Issue

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Lately we have had a issue where people were duping items using Slimefun Backpacks primarly crate keys, I have removed backpacks for now until the issue is fixed. What I need you all to do is get rid of any items and money from those crate keys, if you do not get rid of the items and money I will be forced to ban you for a month for abusing bugs. This is crucial that you do this, if this issue keeps occuring I will then be forced to reset the map, I do not want it to come down to that. Any money you got from the crates please use /pay Hellcode48 <amount>.

CivCraft Setback

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Hello WindmillGamers,

Withing the last few days, we created a poll to see if our community wanted to drop Towny and switch to CivCraft. However, Alex and I have decided that switching and resetting the map (again) would cause issues for our playerbase, such as losing homes, items, etc.

We are going to continue with Towny and we will not be resetting the map any time soon.

Oh towny, how you annoy me.....

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We decided that there are too many issues with CivCraft atm to get working on it, we are going to wait a few months. You can however still vote on the Poll below.

Towny has always been a nuisance. Always breaking, being stupid, and not having alot of features except for protecting land, and even then it doesnt work correctly.

I am asking you all a simple question, would you like to switch from Towny to CivilizationCraft? The reason I ask is because CivilizationCraft just updated to 1.11.2 in a beta stage, and to be honest CivilizationCraft is 1000x better than Towny, and in the post I will explain why. I really hope everyone will vote in the poll. First off I will answer a quick Q&A:

Q: What will happen?
A: I will setup a beta server for civcraft because I need to test some things before we switch (if the community wants to switch)

Q: Will we lose our Items?
A: Sadly yes, this is because for something like Civcraft we...

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